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Intuit Reseller Program Highlights

Intuit offers a tiered reseller program that can help you create a unique identity for your business. At each level of the program, Resellers gain opportunities to open new markets and improve profit margins in the following ways:

Authorized Resellers enjoy:

  • Resale discounts on select Intuit products
  • Opportunities to participate in select referral incentive programs
  • Accurate, flexible, on-time order fulfillment

Premier Resellers enjoy:

  • Revenue generation, created through resale discounts and sales commissions on select Intuit products
  • Opportunities to participate in referral incentive programs and quarterly rebates on select products
  • Increased marketing rewards and lead generation through Intuit's partner locator tool
  • A direct relationship with Intuit's sales, procurement, and product support teams
  • And More...

Program Benefits

The tiered Intuit Reseller Program offers multiple levels of benefits based on your level of investment.

Authorized Resellers
Enjoy the benefits of working with Intuit's value added distributors, BlueStar and Ingram Micro. Our distributor partners can offer an extensive array of opportunities to help you grow your business.

These benefits include:

  • Personalized credit limits and payment terms
  • Leasing and other financing options
  • Immediate access to Intuit products and a variety of peripherals
  • Sales, procurement, and Intuit product support through a highly-qualified staff
  • Extended hours of support

Premier Resellers
Expand your investment in Intuit's product certifications and business requirements, and you'll enjoy greater benefits and rewards direct from Intuit.

  • Opportunities to sell a number of Intuit products and services that meet the needs of customers – and open the door for complementary product sales and professional services
  • Certifications and knowledge/support services to increase your value-add to your customers
  • Sales leads and referrals based on geographic coverage and quality of services

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